Notifleet is the all-in-one operations solution designed specifically for commercial drone companies.

We make drone fleet management easy—so you can focus on elevating your business.

Operations management

  • Manage personnel credentials, training, and flight hours
  • Customize fields for a client or your entire company
  • Collaborate within and across teams
  • Intuitively record and access necessary operational records
  • Integrate seamlessly with your CRM, data storage, payroll, and other tools
  • Manage process for federal waiver applications

Fleet management

  • Plan flights—agnostic of platform
  • Automatically log flights
  • Track asset usage history, location, and airworthiness certifications
  • Manage UAV battery cycles
  • Link individual UAVs with batteries and other accessories
  • Manage maintenance ticketing and track repairs
  • Automate FAA asset registration and reregistration

Ops-oriented, pre-flight awareness

  • Track checklist usage—see who filled out what when
  • Pay attention to TFRs / NOTAMs that impact your flight plan—and only those
  • Automatically give notice to affected airports
  • Access comprehensive airspace map with federal data
  • Access state and local law based on flight plan
  • Local, real-time alerts for weather, daylight, wind

Insights to elevate your business

  • Get analytics and insights informed by your business' operations to help your company grow
  • Automatically generate reports for internal teams, regulators, insurers, and customers

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